Honey Hill Studios is a collection of spaces devoted to the cultivation and creative potential of natural dyes, inks and pigments, from forest and farmland in Hinesburg to an artist studio and teaching space overlooking Montpelier’s State Street.

We raise flowers, berries and other natural dye plants on our micro-farm in Hinesburg. We are also devoted beekeepers proud to use our own honey and beeswax in our artist mediums.

A partnership with our neighbors, the Sayre Fields Family Farm, provides additional, certified organic land for growing Japanese indigo and several other varieties of flowers. We also use the Sayre’s organic aronia berries and vinegar as robust, local ingredients in our botanical inks.

The forested areas of our property are an abundant resource for dyestuffs. We sustainably forage seeds, barks, leaves and lichens for their color and contribution as natural mordant additives.

Once processed and packaged on site in Hinesburg, our products are transported to our studio at Local 64 in Montpelier. Part testing lab, artist playground, and teaching facility, being a part of a co-working space allows us to share our knowledge and passion with a community.

Our workshops and events are a mix of wonky science and creative art-making. To make something, yes, but also to make something happen that inspires and delights. That's what mixing science + art can do, especially when done with friends in an environment that is experimental, relaxing and fun.

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Honey Hill Studios is owned by Karen Cornish, a grower, maker and educator sharing her passion through school and community workshops, and the occasional jar of jam. Other fun titles include: Color Farmer, Citizen Scientist, and Lifelong Learner. Trained as a graphic designer, Karen has a diverse background in theater production and textile arts, and has been growing lovely things (plants, children, ideas) for decades.