Fiber Color Range
Natural dyers are still experimenting with Amaranth, including us! A range of muted colors from mauve to orange to golden yellow have been obtained using alum and other mordants.

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‘Hopi Red Dye’

Amaranthus cruentis

Amaranth is an age-old edible plant whose deep magenta flowers are used to color the Hopi ceremonial food, Piki bread. It's well-known as a food dye, but less predicatable as a fiber dye. It's trickier to extract a desired color from a range of possibilities, and washfastness, like with other edible dyestuffs, is less than with other dyes - it's about the same as onion skins. It's definitely fun play with though, plus it’s beautiful in your garden and as a cut or dried flower.

 Life Cycle  Annual
 Zone  Half-hardy annual
 Sunlight  Full Sun
 Height  4' - 6'
 Spacing  6" apart

 Moderately fertile;
 pH 5.5 - 6.5