Fiber Color Range
Pale lemony yellows to light olive greens are possible with calendula + different mordants & modifiers. Leave fibers in the dye pot overnight to allow the colors to fully develop.



Calendula officinalis

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Calendula is widely known for its healing properties, especially as an ingrediant in creams and ointments (which we’d love to try making someday - if only we had more hours in the day!) As a garden plant, it's a dream - it can be planted in poor soil and will still develop into busy plants with loads of flowers on long stems with soft leaves . It’s also a big self-seeder so plant where that won’t be a problem. Fresh flowers give the clearest yellows; dried flowers will produce more pale shades (but are a welcome source of color mid-winter!)

 Life Cycle  Annual
 Zone  Half-hardy annual
 Sunlight  Full Sun
 Height  2'
 Spacing  12" - 18" apart

 Average to poor soils;
 pH neutral