Fiber Color Range
Darker flower heads yield the strongest, most interesting colors in a range from mint green to teal-blue to purple. Use fresh or dried, picking every day until you have a good quantity of dark, large blooms.

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Hollyhock ‘Nigra’

Alcea rosea var. nigra

Of all the dye plants we are excited to offer this season, this one might take the cake. Besides the wide range of colors - mauves! purples! greens! blues! - it’s a big, showy traditional cottage garden plant that just says Home. A short-lived biennial, we’ve started plants early enough in the season they may flower this season; otherwise expect dark purple blooms the following summer.

 Life Cycle  Biennial
 Zone  3
 Sunlight  Full Sun
 Height  4' - 8', need staking
 Spacing  24" apart

 rich, heavy soil;
 pH neutral