Fiber Color Range
Use flowers only to get the clearest golden yellow; otherwise use the entire plant at season’s end (minus the roots) to get greener shades.

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fresh or dried plant material in the fall!

African Marigold,
Crackerjack Mix

Tagetes erecta

Save those smaller marigolds to tuck under your tomatoes; African marigolds produce big beautiful blooms for your dye pot and are a reliable source of light- and wash-fast greeny-yellows and olive greens. Pinch the tips of newly planted marigolds to encourage branching. Snip flowers as soon as they start to wilt or flowering will start to decrease.

 Life Cycle  Annual
 Zone  Half-hardy annual
 Sunlight  Full Sun
 Height  2' - 3'
 Spacing  2' apart

 Deep fertile, well-draining;
 pH 6.5 - 7.5