Fiber Color Range
Color comes from the seed hulls in a range of silvery-greys to grey-purples to gunmetal blacks, making this an unusual dye plant worth exploring.

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‘Hopi Black Dye’

Helianthus annuus

The subtle greys and purples from this classic-looking variety of sunflower come from the seed hulls, so bonus - you get to eat the seeds first! Or put them into the pot along with your fiber for a nutty, sweet-smelling dye session. Used by the Hopi as a wool and basket natural dye source, plants grow tall, up to 11 feet; mounding soil at their base with staking helps keep them upright.

 Life Cycle  Annual
 Zone  Hardy annual
 Sunlight  Full Sun
 Height  7' - 11'
 Spacing  12" - 18" apart

 All types if nutrient-rich;
 pH 6 - 7.5