Fiber Color Range
A clear yellow dye can be obtained by pre-mordanting fibers with alum. Shift color towards green with an iron modifier, or use it as an over-dye with indigo to create a more vivid, true green.

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Weld, also
Dyer’s Rocket

Reseda luteola

This old-world plant has a lot to offer: besides yielding a clear, yellow dye, it has a sweet honey scent attracts bees, butterflies and other pollinators. It produces rosettes of slender, slightly crinkled leaves the first season, and tiny blooms on spikes the second. It is the tall plant tops that are harvested for dyes, so get a jump on planting this biennial in your garden this year.

 Life Cycle  Biennial
 Zone  4
 Sunlight  Full Sun to Partial Shade
 Height  5'
 Spacing  8-10" apart

 Moist, fertile;
 Slightly alkaline, pH 7.5 - 8